Married Man Obsessed With Me

As far as matters of the heart and feelings go, anything is possible. Even the confinements of marriage sometimes cannot keep a man from obsessing over another woman. 

The allure of a new connection can lead a man to forget about boundaries and create an intriguing desire to be with another person. While having a married man obsessed with you is not ideal, it happens often. 

If you have been receiving immeasurable attention from a married man and cannot fathom what to do or why it is happening, we have your back. Join us as we explore the delicate topic of obsession where marital obligations are in the picture. 

Signs That a Married Man Is Obsessed With You

If you have noticed that a married guy is giving you extra attention and you think that he could be obsessed with you, here are some of the signs to look out for: 

He Would Do Anything To Be With You

If he crosses boundaries just to see you, it means that he desires your presence more than usual. When a married man makes time for you when he should be with his family, he is crossing a line, meaning that he could be obsessed with you. 

He Can’t Stop Calling/Texting You

Obsession can cause an individual to blur their boundaries. If he starts throwing in a text or call when he should be with his wife, he might be obsessed with you. In other words, if he risks calling you when his wife is around, he is risking a lot. 

He Says It

There is nothing as clear as the word of mouth. If he says that he is obsessed with you, believe it. A married man is aware enough to know when he can’t stop thinking about you. When he says he is obsessed with you, then he will start acting it. 

He Can’t Stop Thinking About You

You can tell when a married man can’t stop thinking about you by how often he communicates. If you are the first person he calls in the morning, then rest assured that he slept and woke up thinking of you. 

Married Man Obsessed With Me

Having someone in mind does not always signify obsession, but thinking about them all the time can hint at obsession. 

He Keeps Tabs On Your Life

When a married man is into you, he desires to know every detail about you. He wants to be your best friend. He will ask you about how you woke up, what you ate for lunch, and your emotional well-being. 

Married Man Obsessed With Me

Most especially, if he keeps tabs on your love life, it means that he could be obsessed with you. Also, if he asks for details about who you went out with, it means that he wants to know whether you are falling for someone else. 

Why a Married Is Obsessed With You

You might be wondering; he is married, why would he be obsessed with me? 

First, understand that being married does not stop a person from feeling attracted to other people. It means that you will have to stay faithful to your spouse despite feeling attracted to other people. 

Married Man Obsessed With Me

To answer your question, it is normal for a married man to feel attracted to another woman. What makes the difference is whether or not he acts on how he feels. Attractions are the initial stage of obsession. 

Also, he could be obsessed with you and have no intentions of pursuing a relationship with you. Below are some possible explanations as to why a married man can be obsessed with you: 

You Arouse His Hero Instinct

The instinct of a man is to provide and to protect. Men find purpose in rescuing their women. They desire to feel needed. 

If you arouse the hero instinct in him, it is easy for him to feel heavily attached to you. Also, if you make him feel needed more than he feels with his wife, he can desire to be around you often and even become obsessed with you. 

The Excitement

While every person experiences marriage differently, spending many years with a spouse can make life start to feel like a routine, making interactions with other people seem interesting. 

Married Man Obsessed With Me

When a married man starts developing an obsession with another woman, it does not necessarily mean that he is dissatisfied with his wife. It could be that you make him feel excited and forget about his boring routine. 

Also, the thrill of wanting you can be addictive. Note that being married waters down the chase for a man. The fact that he gets to chase again can be a little too exciting, arousing excitement and obsession. 

Marital Issues

Sometimes, the obsession can be a reflection of unhappiness in marriage. Unfortunately, there are many unresolved or unaddressed issues in marriage, leading things to be tense between spouses. 

As a  way of escaping marital issues, a married man can develop an obsession as a distraction. Also, it can be a way of getting his wife’s attention or a way of getting back at her. 

He Is Having a Crisis

Getting something to obsess about can be a way of blocking reality when going through a crisis. If a married man has a crisis such as loss of work or grief, he can try and block the pain by distracting himself with the obsession he has for you. 

Tips To Consider

If you are in a situation where a married man is obsessed with you, here are some tips to consider: 

Create Firm Boundaries

If his obsessive behavior makes you uncomfortable, ensure that your boundaries are firm. Make him aware that you are not okay with his behavior and that you would prefer him to stop. 

Cut Off Contact

Frequent communication can intensify obsession. You can deal with your situation by cutting off communication. Taking extreme action like cutting off communication can be a good way to give him a wake-up call. 

Choose Yourself

There is a thin line between how love and obsession feel. Do not fall for the attention if you are willing to risk being involved with a married man. most of the time, affairs do not end well. 

However, if you are willing to be with a married man, ensure that you know the risks that come with such a relationship. Remember to put your emotional and mental well-being first. 

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