Married Man Likes Me But Talks About His Wife

Married Man Likes Me But Talks About His Wife 

The confinements of marriage apply to many things: property, living arrangements, finances, and family. However, regarding how an individual feels, such confinements apply no more.

Marriage changes individuals but does not stop a man’s visual attraction to another woman.

While falling for another woman can be perceived as immoral and an abomination to many, it happens more often than we would like to admit. And sometimes, it can happen unintentionally.

This article breaks away from the norm and delves into the web of marital confinements. Join us as we navigate a situation where a married man likes someone else but talks about his wife.

Married Man Likes Me But Talks About His Wife (Read this First)

When a married man shows you clear signs that he likes you but mentions his wife in your conversation, it can mean several things. One, he could be trying to find an easier way into your heart by showing you that he is a good person and loves his wife.

Married Man Likes Me But Talks About His Wife

Second, it could be a way to silence his inner critique. He probably feels guilty about having feelings for you and tries to mask the guilt by bringing up his wife.

Thirdly, if he talks about his wife, he clarifies the position he wants you to occupy: his mistress. In other words, he could be trying to tell you that he wants you but still wants to keep his marriage afloat.

Signs That a Married Man Is Pursuing You

When a married man likes you but talks about his wife, it is essential to establish whether he wants you so that you can figure out your next course of action. Below are some of the signs that a married man is pursuing you:

Frequent Communication

 If a married man communicates with you regularly, especially outside of work or social obligations, and the conversations become increasingly personal, it could be a sign of pursuit.

Married Man Likes Me But Talks About His Wife

Frequent communication means that he is curious about you and wants to talk to you. It also shows that he thinks about you and would love to pursue something more with you.

He Wants Time Alone With You

Married Man Likes Me But Talks About His Wife

It is not enough for him to see you when others are around. When a married man pursues you, he seeks time alone with you. Hence, he will make up excuses just to have you alone with him.

Personalized Compliments

There is no harm in receiving a platonic compliment from a married man occasionally. But once the compliments become frequent and personalized, it can indicate that he is pursuing you. Romantic compliments mean a shift from platonic to romantic feelings.

Sharing Personal Details

Suppose a married man shares intimate details about his life, feelings, or marital issues with you. In that case, it may signify that he is seeking emotional support or a connection beyond a casual friendship.

Married Man Likes Me But Talks About His Wife

Men seek emotional support from people they care about. They are vulnerable to a woman they love. If he has been sharing personal details that are unknown to most people, it can mean he is pursuing you.

Overly Concerned About You

If he becomes overly concerned about your personal life, relationships, or well-being, it could be a sign that he is pursuing you romantically. If a married man takes a keen interest in your love life, he ensures that there is space to accommodate him.

Physical Contact

Married Man Likes Me But Talks About His Wife

Lingering hugs can indicate that a married man is pursuing you. One way to express romantic interest is through touch. If you notice that a married man takes up any opportunity to touch you, he could be pursuing you.

Can a Happily Married Man Be In Love With Another Woman?

Sometimes, it is difficult to understand how a happily married man can be in love with another woman. And yes, it happens.

Married Man Likes Me But Talks About His Wife

While relationships should be natural, they can sometimes be complicated. A happily married man can fall in love with another woman, which is okay. The difference comes in when he decides to act on his feelings.

Being in love with another woman does not necessarily mean he no longer loves his wife. It could indicate that he has been unhappy in his marriage, but it does not always mean he does not want to be with his wife anymore.

What To Do When a Married Man Is Pursuing You

Once you have established that a married man is pursuing you, developing your next course of action is essential. Knowing what to do can help prevent finding yourself in an impossible situation. Here are some tips to consider:

Reflect On How You Feel

Establish how you feel about the whole situation. Reflect on these questions:

  •  How do I feel about him?
  •  Am I willing to take things in a romantic direction?
  • Am I violating my boundaries?
  • Does being involved with a married guy affect my values?
  • What are the consequences of pursuing a romance with a married man?

You can also add more questions to reflect on to identify how you feel. Once you figure out your feelings, planning to approach things can be more manageable.

Identify and Establish a Course of Action

Establish a course of action depending on how you would like things to play out. If you want to keep things platonic, make it clear to the married guy.

Married Man Likes Me But Talks About His Wife

For example, communicate your boundaries and make it known that you are not comfortable with discussions or actions that go against those boundaries. Be firm but polite in setting these limits.

Keep Your Distance

If you decide not to encourage a relationship between you and the married guy, ensuring enough distance between you is wise.

Limiting your interactions and reducing unnecessary contact can minimize any potential emotional complications.

Express Discomfort

If he continues pursuing you after establishing boundaries, you may need to be more direct in expressing your discomfort. Clearly state that you cannot be a part of any romantic involvement with a married individual, and request that the discussions about his personal life, especially his wife, cease.

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