When a Married Man Says He Misses You

Did a married man say he misses you, and your jaw dropped because you don’t know how to respond?

While no thermometer can measure or indicate the meaning behind a married man missing you, there are ways to understand the three delicate words. 

The words “I miss you” from a married man could just mean that he misses being friends with someone. Or, they could mean he has deeper romantic feelings he shouldn’t have. No matter what he means, these words are powerful. They can stir up desires and make people question what is right or wrong.

This article identifies what it could mean when a married man says he misses you. We also have practical tips to apply in response to the situation. 

What Does It Mean When a Married Man Says He Misses You?

It can be challenging to tell the true meaning when a married man says he misses you. However, here are some of the possible meanings:

He Loves You

One of the soft ways to express love without crossing boundaries is to say you miss someone. Hence, he could show he loves you by regularly saying that he misses you. Also, if he loves you, it is only natural that he misses you. 

He Enjoys Your Company

If you have been spending quality time with a married man, he can miss your company. Sometimes, a relationship with a married man starts as time well spent. With time, the great company matures into a friendship that can make him miss your company. 

He Wants Physical Intimacy

Depending on how far you have been intimate with him, he can mean he needs physical intimacy with you when he says he misses you. It could also be a booty call or just a genuine physical touch. 

Understand that being married can become routine after a few years, and it is normal for a married man to feel attracted to another woman. Saying he misses you can be a way of acting on his longing for you. 


If there’s trouble in paradise, a married man can try escaping marital issues by pursuing other interests. It is essential to know that sometimes a married man can say he misses you as a way of escaping to deal with his issues at home or work.

Why Does a Married Man Miss Another Woman?

While being married can bring incredible fulfillment, sometimes, there are personal voids that even the best partner in the world cannot fill. 

When a married man misses another woman, he may be seeking validation. If you constantly validate him, he will keep returning for more. 

You could also stimulate a part of him that his spouse does not. For instance, if you are charming and easy company, you could stimulate his playful nature. Sometimes, love is about what the other person brings out in you rather than the person themselves. 

Could it be that you just click when having conversations with your mysterious married man? If you are having exciting and endless conversations day in and day out, something is bound to materialize. 

While it could start as time well spent or a simple friendship, it can easily turn into something unexpected. 

Usually, the most confusing affairs are the ones that start as innocent friendships or the ones you did not see coming. It is essential to consciously understand when the relationship materializes into something more to avoid being surprised. 

Can a Married Man Miss Me and Still Love His Wife?

When a married man says he misses you, it can have different meanings. It does not necessarily indicate that he has fallen in love with you. So, yes, a married man can say he misses you and still be in love with his wife. 

Also, remember that a married man can pursue you and even tell you he loves you and still has deep affection and love for his wife. To add a cherry on top, a man can have a perfect and thriving relationship with his wife and still choose to pursue another woman. 

Sometimes, love can be hard to understand. However, you must prioritize your emotional well-being by knowing what is happening. 

Unfortunately, when a married man pursues you, you are most likely to get hurt. Hence, however, you choose to respond to his sweet words and gestures, put your well-being first. 

How To Respond When a Married Man Says He Misses You

How you respond to a married man when he says he misses you depends on several factors, such as:

  • Your relationship with him
  • What would you like your relationship to be in the future
  • Set boundaries
  • The emotional connection
  • Whether you want him to pursue you

Ultimately, the decision comes down to you and what you want for yourself. For example, if you want your relationship to remain neutral, you can respond casually. You can acknowledge that it’s been a while since you connected and that you hope to see him around. 

If you have been waiting for him to show signs that he likes you, you can respond playfully and show excitement about seeing him. In this case, you can say you miss him too and can’t wait to catch him. 

The most important thing is to be aware that your response determines the future of your relationship. Hence, you need to be conscious of what you are encouraging. 


Can You Tell If a Married Man Has Feelings For You?

A married man can express feelings for you by being vulnerable with you. He can also express feelings through words and a desire to spend more time with you. 

Can a Married Man Love You Genuinely?

It is possible for a married man to love another woman genuinely. However, loving you does not automatically rule that he no longer loves his wife or will leave her for you. 

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