Power Of Silence After Break Up

Power Of Silence After Break Up

If there was a quick fix for the emotional stress after a breakup, people would line up to the ends of the world to get it. Breakups can crash even the most resilient people, and dealing with them does not get easier with experience. 

The actions you take following a breakup can make things better and help you recover emotionally. Dealing with a breakup can be hectic. However, you can harness the power of silence after break up to help you elevate yourself emotionally. 

In this article, we will walk with you and help you understand how going silent after a breakup can work for your good and even help you heal. 

What Does Silence After Break Up Mean?

Breakups can be brutal, and sometimes, figuring out the best way to heal can be challenging. However, silence is one way to help you transition to a new phase and quicken the healing process. Silence after a breakup means cutting off communication with your former partner. It can involve the following: 

  • Blocking their calls and messages
  • Unfollowing them on social platforms
  • Using a third party to communicate unavoidable issues
Power Of Silence After Break Up

In addition, silence after a breakup can be temporary or permanent, depending on your circumstances. For instance, if you have a child with your former pattern, silence can be a temporary measure to help you heal before active communication during co-parenting. 

When To Go Silent After a Break-Up

First, you need to get things in order to benefit from going silent after a breakup. Relationships have different points of connection, and some connections are deeper than others. 

First, ensure that you do not have your things over at their place. Also, ensure that you send their stuff back to their place. Remember that the things you send over should not include gifts given during the relationship. Sending their things over eliminates the need to contact them after the breakup. 

Power Of Silence After Break Up

If you were living with your former partner, you should make living arrangements before going silent after the breakup. Ensure that you are secure and comfortable first. 

Sometimes, breakups come along as unexpected. If you are in a crisis due to an unexpected breakup, you can go silent for a few weeks to take care of your emotional crisis, then come back to settle things down. 

7 Reasons Why Silence Is Powerful After Break Up

If you are going through a breakup and are feeling drained by the unhelpful contact with your ex, here’s why silence can work for you: 

It Helps To Process Emotions

Understand that the weight of emotions during a breakup is equivalent to those of grief. In this case, you are experiencing grief for what you had with your former partner and the future you had imagined with them. 

Power Of Silence After Break Up

Grief can be a complex emotion to process. Hence, being in a position where you are in no contact with your former partner can help you feel less overwhelmed by emotions. 

Silence also allows you to connect with your feelings. Once you take time alone, you can understand your emotions and uncover ways to process them. 

Avoid Triggers

Once you recognize that being in contact with your former partner triggers hurt, it is best to practice silence for a while. When the wound is still fresh, it is better to avoid communicating with your ex or their close friends. 

Remember that you might need to confront your triggers at some point instead of avoiding them. However, when the breakup is fresh, you can prevent getting even more hurt by going silent. 

Self Evaluation

Being in a relationship can entangle you in your partner’s life so much that you forget who you are after a breakup. Also, breaking up after an abusive relationship can leave you disoriented. One of the best ways to get through a breakup is through self-evaluation and re-discovering yourself. 

Going silent can help clear the cloud over your head and help you focus on rebuilding your inner self, hence facilitating progressive healing. 

Setting Boundaries

If you have broken up and your ex still feels entitled to access you, going silent makes it clear that you need space. It also helps create a sense of independence where your former partner can no longer overstep the boundaries. 

It Creates Space To Heal

People pick up the healing process at different paces. If you are uncomfortable being around your former partner or seeing their social platform posts after a breakup, going silent can help you heal at your own pace. 

When experiencing challenging emotions during a breakup, it is better to shut down from the pressure to appear as if the breakup has not affected you. 

It  Helps You Regain Clarity

If you are trying to figure out the next steps after a breakup, going silent can help you gain clarity. For instance, if your ex is blowing up your phone with calls and texts and trying to get back together, going silent can help you reduce the pressure to decide when you are not in the right emotional state. 

Maintains Dignity

Going through a breakup can mess up your emotional ability to make good decisions. You cannot trust your judgment after a breakup. Going silent helps you refrain from making careless moves to keep your dignity. 

Also, suppose you need help to have a decent conversation with your former partner. In that case, it is better to have a conversation only when you feel emotionally ready to converse. 

Does Silence Make Them Come Back?

Silence can motivate your ex to realize that they need you back. It can also help your ex reflect on the relationship and resolve to get you back. Sometimes, breakups are a way of cooling off the emotional heat before the ex realizes the desire to continue the relationship.

Power Of Silence After Break Up

If you have decided to go silent after a breakup, ensure that you focus most of your energy on self-development instead of focusing on whether your ex comes back. That way, you can avoid feeling hurt again or disappointed. 

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