Kissing Someone Else When Married

Kissing Someone Else When Married

Marriage is built on the foundation of trust, commitment, and fidelity. So what happens when you find yourself caught up in the heat of a moment, lips locked with someone who isn’t your spouse? Does kissing someone else automatically destroy a marriage? Can a marriage recover after an incident of infidelity between partners? 

In this post, we’ll explore the gray areas that exist when it comes to kissing outside of marriage. When is it considered cheating? How do you cope and move on if you or your partner strays? Can one kiss undermine years of partnership? What needs to be done to regain lost trust between lovers? Is forgiveness possible?

These are complicated questions with no simple answers. By examining common scenarios – from tipsy mistakes to proven affairs – we’ll unravel the nuance and complexity surrounding physical marriage betrayals. We’ll also provide tips and insight into rebuilding connections after broken trust. 

Is Kissing Someone Else When Married Cheating? 

Before concluding whether kissing someone else is cheating, there are a few factors to consider. For instance, it is essential to understand the boundaries of your relationship. Also, know what type of kiss counts as cheating and which one does not. 

For example, a kiss on the cheek may not count as cheating, whereas a kiss on the lips may count as cheating. 

Kissing Someone Else When Married

There are other circumstances where kissing someone else may not count as cheating. If your spouse encounters a quick kiss from someone who wants to express their feelings towards them but does not kiss back, that kiss may not be cheating. 

If your spouse intentionally kisses someone else, then it can be cheating. Also, kissing someone else on multiple occasions affirms the kiss as an act of cheating, not just a one-time mistake.  

Should I Divorce Partner After Kissing Someone Else? 

There is no definite answer about whether kissing someone else should lead to a divorce. A kiss with someone else can sometimes be a mistake or lapse in judgment, not necessarily the end of the relationship. However, it can indicate some underlying issues that need to be addressed. 

Kissing Someone Else When Married

Think carefully about what led to the kiss, whether you’re happy in the relationship overall, and whether your partner would consider it unforgivable. Infidelity doesn’t automatically mean a relationship should end, but rebuilding trust is difficult.

Talk honestly with your partner about what happened and why. Listen to their perspective. If you cannot have a calm conversation after the incident, counseling can help you have productive conversations and decide if the relationship is worth saving.

Consider the broader context – your history together, commitment to the relationship, whether you have kids, etc. But don’t stay solely for reasons like that if you’re otherwise unhappy.

Kissing Someone Else When Married

Also, Reflect on your desires. If you want to save the marriage, be prepared to go through the process of rebuilding trust. This takes time and work.

Separation may be best if you or your partner feel the relationship is beyond repair. But don’t rush into divorce, either. 

Is a Drunken Kiss Cheating?

While a drunken kiss can be a genuine, spontaneous mistake, it can break up a marriage. If the drunken kiss happened after pre-meditation, then the alcohol is just an excuse. 

Kissing Someone Else When Married

Considering how the guilty partner takes responsibility for the drunken kiss is essential. If they take responsibility for their mistake, the drunken kiss may be a one-time mistake. If they blame it entirely on the alcohol, then it can be a sign of deeper underlying issues in your relationship. 

In this case, it is not the kiss that matters but the intentions behind it. 

What To Do When Spouse Kisses Someone Else 

Your next course of action after your spouse kisses someone else can determine the direction of your relationship. Consider this: 

  • Take time and space to process your emotions before conversing with your spouse. Collect your thoughts.
  • Communicate with your spouse. Allow them the chance to explain what happened. Listen without judgment first. Understand why it occurred. 
  • Determine if it was a mistake or part of a pattern. A one-time slip may be resolved differently than a repeating behavior. Ask questions.
  • Discuss the state of your relationship openly and honestly. Issues should be aired to determine whether you want to save the marriage. Seek counseling. 
  • Rebuilding trust will take time for the person who was betrayed. Your spouse must be patient and regain trust through action.
  • Set boundaries to make you both feel secure going forward. What will you agree is unacceptable behavior? How will you reconnect?
  • Consider forgiveness, but don’t feel pressured. Forgiveness is a choice, but it doesn’t mean the behavior was ok. 
  • If you want to salvage the relationship, focus on healing together. If not, then practical discussions about separation may be needed.
  • Seek advice from wise counsel like a marriage therapist or trusted friend. Don’t go through it alone.


Can a Marriage Survive Kissing Someone Else?

If the kiss was a genuine one-time mistake, the relationship can survive with time. However, pre-meditated kisses with feelings attached can break up a marriage. 

Should I Tell My Spouse I Kissed Someone Else?

Maintaining a high level of trust and accountability in a relationship is essential. You should tell your spouse if you kiss someone else. 

How Do You Forgive Yourself After Kissing Someone Else?

Regardless of what you have done, it is vital to extend grace to yourself. Remember that you are not perfect, and it is expected to make mistakes. 

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